ClearPartition fails with SqlExeception: Identifier is too long error

Jun 27, 2013 at 4:50 AM
I've struck an error using the ClearPartition command - it fails with

"SqlExeception: Identifier that starts with 'xxx' is too long. Maximum length is 128."

Looking at the identifier I can see a generated part which is made up of:
  • my table name (28 characters)
  • a generated id (35)
  • the original identifier (my index name), truncated
So it looks like the combination of your table name plus identifier name must be less than 93 ( 128 - 35 )?

My workaround has been to reduce the length of the table name and/or index name, which does seem to avoid this issue.

I wonder if you could shorten the length of the prefix added? The table name seems redundant, or perhpas the generated id could be shorter?