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Project Description
Sliding Window technique is commonly used with partitioned tables to manage large data volumes. It allows efficient loading of new data and archival or removal of the old data. The challenge in a sliding window scenario is to create the staging table(s) correctly for efficient partition SWITCH operations -- matching all columns, indexes, constraints, storage locations, and potentially indexed views with those of the partitioned table's partition of interest. This utility provides a command line interface to:

1. Remove all the data from one partition by switching it out to a staging table. It creates the required staging table.
2. Create a staging table for loading data into a partition. The staging table can be created with or without indexes -- if created without indexes this utility provides a separate command to create appropriate indexes on the staging table, before SWITCHing it into the partitioned table.

The commands can be invoked from other scripts for end-to-end sliding window scenarios. Using the utility allows you to avoid maintaining partition maintenance scripts that must remain synchronized with index or column changes in the permanent table, since necessary staging objects can be created on-demand.

Refer to the attached readme.htm file for more details and command syntax.

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